Our Quality Policy

  • To procure its customers products and services in parallel with the legal procures and applications of the pertaining countries, beyond the requirements and expectations, as just-in-time basis and without any lack as per customers’ demands,
  • By measuring and developing the sufficiency of the processes, to reduce the scrap rate and enhance the efficiency,
  • By following up the business ability and personal capabilities of the staff, to provide the training and support for mutual satisfaction enhancement of the staff,
  • To enhance the relationships with the suppliers in accordance with mutual reliance basis,

  • All the staff, especially the new beginners is to be tr ained in Cenkablo A.S. for Quality Policy, and encouraged for the application of these principals, sustaining and enhancing it and con tr ibuting them to the current system.

    The policy of Cenkablo as a whole, is to delegate the responsibilities and authorities of the management to all the employees an obvious manner and keep them available as a written document to be accessed easily and revise its continuity.

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    Our Environmental Policy

  • Determine the environmental effects of our activities and products, to decrease the effects as per the regulations of our country, and as possible as to strive to recycle and re-usage in any case and any place
  • Study to enhance the comprehension of our employees to the environment
  • Minimize the effects of waste which makes dirty the water, air and soil, noise pollution, vibration, tidiness-orderliness at their sources
  • Commit that we will use the energy, raw materials and natural sources in an efficient way
  • Decrease the waste and dirtiness which we cause, and diminish the effects of dangerous waste by decreasing their environmental impacts
  • Develop the comprehension of our suppliers about the environmental dimensions of the products and services which they procure us.
  • Enhance continually our environment management system as per all these principals

  • Isfendiyar SOYLER
    General Manager

    Environmental Prospects

  • Enhance the efficiency of energy and water usage
  • Train employees and inform the suppliers,
  • Determine methods to decrease and eliminate the waste used for the cleaning / maintenance of the machinery and equipment
  • Diminish the dangerous waste exposed as a result of our activities and productions in an appropriate way,
  • Minimize the material use that generates dangerous waste as possible as.